learn sketchup the right way bundle

Learn sketchUp the Right Way Bundle

Over the past month, I had to make some backend updates to the Content Management System. This resulted in a few UI changes as well as some front-end changes.  You won’t see the “Learn SketchUp the Right Way” course as a single course, but as 3 separate courses (bundle).This is mostly due to just the way the new system handles the sale of courses. Go to the Online Courses Page.  Login using your email/username After loggin in, click on the desired course to “Enroll Here” Your account has the Learn SketchUp the Right Way Bundle so you will be able to start course or continue course.  By “enrolling” it will keep track of your progress and completion of each course. Remember, you have lifetime access to this bundle and any update to it. For access to the other courses, you can purchase a membership.


Fall 10 Week SketchUp Workshop

A 10-week small group mentorship program taking place from September to November. It includes all the training you need to become a SketchUp master plus sooooo much more!

sketchup on amazon fire tv

SketchUp Quickstart on Amazon Fire TV

I am excited to announce the release of my tv app for Amazon Fire TV. The app will allow first-time SketchUp users a chance to watch a series of videos on how to model their bedroom right from their tv screen. If you are an interior designer looking to learn SketchUp, this is a great way to get started learning SketchUp.  Deliver to your Fire TV Author: Dan Dan has been a designer, Sketchup trainer and 3D modeling specialist since receiving his Architecture degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2007. Dan served as a SketchUp and Google Earth trainer for Google prior to starting db-3D and SketchUpTrainer.com. As a trainer, Dan has taught hundreds of architects, designers, & planners how to use SketchUp Pro. Dan has taught SketchUp all over the United States, including at the AIA National Convention, Design Philadelphia, SEGD Convention, as well as through …

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Learn SketchUp the Right Way Course

I’m happy to announce the release of my new SketchUp training course for SketchUp Pro 2021. With the updates to a new logo and slight change to SketchUp’s UI, I felt it was necessary to launch all new content. This course is the beginning for updated and creating new SketchUp courses for 2021.

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Layering SketchUp Exports

In this image, I wanted to create a rendering where the background context just goes away and the fixtures were in color. I couldn’t just use the hidden line style and I didn’t want the linework to be shaded either. First, I hide the lighting components and exported the model with the hidden line style. Then I used layers to turn off the model and just turn on the fixture components and exported this out as a .png file. Lastly, in Photoshop I simply stacked the images and used a mask to brush away any parts of the fixture image that needed to hide behind elements of the architecture.  

cookie cutter

3d Printed SketchUp Cookie Cutter

This month, SketchUp released a competition to 3D model something useful that can be 3D printed. The holiday season is just around the corner so I figured everyone could use some SketchUp cookies. I’ll be tested the design over the next few weeks and will do another post testing my baking skills.

Screenshot 2015 08 28 11.13.52

SketchUp Seminar at NeoCon East

SHARPENING YOUR DIGITAL PENCIL: 3D MODELING WITH SKETCHUP Thursday, October 29 • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Learn the basics of 3D digital modeling using Google SketchUp. This program bridges the gap between 2D drawings and actual 3D models by enabling you to draw using a familiar pencil and paper mechanism in a software context. Familiarize yourself with modeling terminology and concepts. Get comfortable using the basic tools and techniques to design and draw in this fun, effective program. Identify the steps to begin a new project in Google SketchUp. From showing great models to clients to coordinating plans with design team members, consider the benefits and uses of 3D modeling as they apply to your design business. Acquire the skills to use a great new communication and design tool you can use in your very next project.

3 Day Intensive SketchUp at NYU

This week I finished up teaching a 3 day, 21 hour intensive session on SketchUp to designers taking NYU’s Summer Interior Design Certificate. The exercises were geared towards quickly visualizing interior spaces and using LayOut to create a design presentation. Students took this session as part of a 5 week long course.

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2 Day SketchUp Class in Toronto

On August 26th and 27th I will be offering a SketchUp class in Toronto. This will be my first trip ever to Toronto and I look forward to offering this course two to three times a year.

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National Gallery of Art Training

Last month, I had the pleasure of giving a private training to the staff at the National Gallery of Art. SketchUp has such versatility and its use in the gallery / museum / exhibit industry is pretty straightforward. In a series of practice exercises, students were able to model an existing space, select artwork, place it into the model and create views of what the visitor experience would be like. If you are interested in private training, feel free to contact me at [email protected]    

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