Start a Model Right

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn how to create and develop a 3D model of an interior space in SketchUp.
  • Learn how to adjust and add furniture, materials and textures to a model in SketchUp

Topics for this course

41 Lessons4h 20m

Modeling from Scratch

Creating Door Openings00:7:13
Creating Window Openings00:5:21
Space Planning the Kitchen Cabinets00:4:33
Modeling the Kitchen Island00:5:31
Creating 2D Placeholders for Furniture00:5:48
Importing Components from the 3D Warehouse00:6:17
Moving and Positioning Components00:5:36
Intro to Live Components00:5:50

Creating Components

Adding Materials and Textures

Adding the Small Details

Artwork as a Glue to Component

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So far, so good! I do have a challenge from Simplifying and Creating a Cleaner Sliding Glass Door Unit. My components are not mirroring properly and I believe it's due to the order in which I set the components. I've gone back many times and am still having trouble. That portion of the video overall is a bit unclear, is it possible to see a written step-by-step process for this?

Great course. I have learned so much about SketchUp. Thanks

good course but bit dull no excitment. is very informative

Target Audience

  • Beginner getting started in SketchUp.
  • Current SketchUp user looking to master better habits.

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