Take and Modify from the 3D Warehouse

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Learn how to take an existing model from the 3D warehouse and make it into your own.

Topics for this course

15 Lessons1h

Modify the Shower Door by Stretching and Moving it00:00:00
Add the Shower Tile and Textures00:00:00
Position the Texture of the Shower Floor Tile00:00:00
Create the Bathroom Floor Tile Pattern00:00:00
Create the Half Wall / Privacy Wall00:00:00
Stretch and Modify the Vanity Component00:00:00
Add the 2nd Sink and Vanity00:00:00
Create the Chair Rail Wall Break00:00:00
Use Follow me to Create the Chair Rail00:00:00
Expand the Mirror Component00:00:00
Add Detail Within the Half Wall00:00:00
Create the Shelving Unit00:00:00
Add the Final Details00:00:00

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