Learn sketchUp the Right Way Bundle

Over the past month, I had to make some backend updates to the Content Management System. This resulted in a few UI changes as well as some front-end changes. 

You won’t see the “Learn SketchUp the Right Way” course as a single course, but as 3 separate courses (bundle).
This is mostly due to just the way the new system handles the sale of courses.

  1. Go to the Online Courses Page. 
  2. Login using your email/username
  3. After loggin in, click on the desired course to “Enroll Here”
  4. Your account has the Learn SketchUp the Right Way Bundle so you will be able to start course or continue course
  5. By “enrolling” it will keep track of your progress and completion of each course.

Remember, you have lifetime access to this bundle and any update to it. For access to the other courses, you can purchase a membership.

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