Master SketchUp in 5 Sessions: From Basics to Beautiful Designs

Master SketchUp in 5 Sessions: From Basics to Beautiful Designs


Welcome to the SketchUp for Beginners 5-session webinar series, where we’ll take you from navigating the basics to creating stunning 3D designs. If you’re ready to unlock the full potential of SketchUp, this is your opportunity.

Session 1: Introduction and Basic 2D Drawing

Unveiling SketchUp and Navigating the Interface

In the first session, we’ll introduce you to SketchUp and guide you through the user interface. From templates to toolbars, you’ll learn to customize your workspace. I remember feeling a bit overwhelmed at first, but trust me, soon it’ll be like a second home.

Mastering Basic 2D Drawing Techniques

We’ll delve into the essentials of 2D drawing, covering lines, rectangles, circles, polygons, arcs, and freehand sketches. By the end of this session, you’ll be sketching with confidence, ready to bring your ideas to life.

Ready to elevate your designs in 3D?

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Session 2: 3D Modeling Fundamentals

Transitioning to 3D Modeling

Building on your 2D foundation, Session 2 focuses on the leap to 3D modeling. I recall this being a game-changer for me – suddenly, my designs had depth and life.

Precision and Efficiency in 3D Modeling

Learn the importance of lines, inferencing, and precision. We’ll explore working with 3D shapes, massing, and creating intricate roof pitches with the Follow-Me tool. It’s like sculpting your ideas into a digital masterpiece.

Session 3: Guides, Groups, and Transformation

Precision with Guides

Week 3 is all about precision. Utilize guides to elevate your designs to a new level of accuracy. I remember the “aha” moment when I realized the power of guides – it’s a game-changer.

Efficient Organization with Groups

Discover the art of grouping objects for seamless organization. Move, rotate, and copy objects efficiently, streamlining your workflow. It’s about making SketchUp work for you.

Session 4: Views, Navigation, and Workflow

Creating and Managing Views

As we hit the midpoint, Session 4 focuses on views and navigation. Learn to manage views and styles, navigate the 3D space with finesse, and decide when to use groups or components. This is where the magic happens.

Approaching More Complex Workflows

We’ll explore more complex modeling workflows, pushing your skills to new heights. It’s about turning your ideas into intricate designs, step by step.

Session 5: Documentation and LayOut

Creating Professional Documentation

In the final session, we’ll focus on creating professional documentation. From section cuts to orthographic views, you’ll learn to export views for documentation and get an introduction to LayOut for presentation – turning your designs into works of art.

Recap and Next Steps

We’ll recap key concepts from the entire series, ensuring you leave with a solid foundation. Plus, we’ll guide you on your next steps in the exciting world of SketchUp.


Embark on this SketchUp journey with us, and let’s transform your creative visions into reality. See you in class!

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