New York City: 2 Day Beginner SketchUp Class

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Select Office Suites
1115 Broadway, 11th floor, New York, NY, 10010



Learn SketchUp the Right Way!

Become a SketchUp guru in just 2 days of training. The class is meant for beginners and seasoned users alike. This class was created to have you learning proper techniques from the get-go! Start with good habits and begin learning SketchUp the right way. Both PC and Mac versions of SketchUp Pro 2022 are shown throughout the class so that users get to see the UI correctly.

Course Overview

The course starts by going over the fundamental tools as well as the setup of the template and toolbars. Next, you will build a simple interior living room space and develop the model into a document. Learn how to start from scratch, create a living room space and bring up walls and push out door and window openings. Learn how to create groups and components and place furniture within the model. You will then add textures and materials to the model, learn how to import images and colors, and even artwork. You will also add details like trim and baseboards. You will also learn how to organize with SketchUp. Learn how to use tags to adjust the visibility of objects and create scenes to save camera positions for renderings or plans and elevations. Lastly, we send the file to LayOut, SketchUp’s paper space tool, where we will add pages, add a title block, labels, and dimensions to our design intent document.

This project-based 2-day SketchUp class will help you improve your design skills and leverage them for other designer workflows.

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn how to create and develop a 3D model of a space in SketchUp.
  • Learn how to adjust and add furniture, materials, and textures to a model.
  • Learn how to create a rendering and animation.
  • Learn how to export to LayOut to create a presentation document with dimensions and notes.

What’s Included in the Course?

  • 2 full days of live training
  • 1 year access to all online tutorial courses. ($95 value)
  • Direct feedback during sessions
  • Course Certificate



Day 1: Building a Strong Foundation in SketchUp

This beginner SketchUp class is designed to establish a solid foundation and familiarize you with the essentials of navigating SketchUp and understanding its terminology.

Introduction and Basic Drawing Tools

  • Welcome Screen, Templates, Toolbars: Familiarize yourself with SketchUp’s interface and essential tools.
  • Drawing in 2D: Master the primary 2D drawing tools including Line, Rectangle, Circle, Polygon, Arc, and Freehand.
  • Lines & Inferencing: Understand how to create precise drawings using SketchUp’s inferencing system.

3D Modeling and Precision Tools

  • Massing a Model: Learn how inferencing works in 3D and use the Follow-me tool to create complex roof pitches.
  • Measuring & Precision: Master the essentials of drawing in your default units using the Offset and Push/Pull tools.
  • Guide Me: Use guides to create window and door openings quickly and accurately.

Groups, Navigation, and Basic LayOut Introduction

  • Groups and Sections: Discover why groups are essential in managing objects and geometry in your models.
  • Move, Rotate, Copy: Practice exercises that showcase these powerful tools.
  • Styles & Scenes: Create views and apply styles within your model for better visualization.
  • Navigating Around: Learn the ins and outs of orbit, perspectives, pan, etc.
  • Creating Groups & Components: Understand when to create components instead of groups for efficient modeling.
  • Modeling Workflow: Develop effective strategies for modeling complex spaces.
  • Section Cuts and 2D Views: Make orthographic views and section cuts, and learn how to export them.
  • A Taste of LayOut: Get a basic introduction to creating presentations with SketchUp’s paper-space program, LayOut. (Available with SketchUp Pro)

Day 2: Advanced SketchUp Techniques and Efficient Workflows

This session is perfect for optimizing your SketchUp workflow, especially when working with existing 2D drawings. Learn how to organize line-work, create reference groups, align geometry, and quickly construct 3D models. Prior CAD skills are not required.

Advanced Techniques with Photos and 2D Drawings

  • New Matched Photo: Learn to model a building from an existing photograph, including geolocation and photo-texturing the massing model.
  • Importing 2D Files: Understand what imports, how to place them, and how to leverage them for better modeling.

Tag Management and Interior Modeling

  • Tags in SketchUp: Manage visibility and control geometry using tags.
  • Organizing the 2D Model: Group line work, create tags, and align/rotate 2D elevations in a typical workflow.
  • Interior Modeling: Techniques for creating openings, adding walls, and placing components. Utilize advanced camera tools for better interior views.

Extensions, Exporting, and Q&A

  • Extensions: Install and use plugins to save time on creating architectural elements like windows, staircases, louvers, and doorways.
  • Exporting: Export views as images, CAD files, and send to LayOut for creating presentations.
  • Q&A: Address any questions and review concepts covered in the workshop.



What do I need to bring to class?

Students should bring a laptop and a power cord. A 3-button scroll wheel mouse is highly recommended.

Does this course require any prior experience or knowledge?

No prior SketchUp exercise is required. Students must be comfortable using a computer.
Getting Started videos will be provided to watch prior to the start of class.

What software will I need?

The class will be taught using both Mac or PC versions of SketchUp Pro 2022. Users may choose to install a 30-day trial of SketchUp Pro. Previously versions are ok as well.

Will we take a break?

Of course! Five-minute breaks are usually offered every 60-90 minutes. We will break for 1-hour for lunch. Lunch is not provided but options nearby will be offered. The instructor will stay in the conference room to watch over any personal items.

Other Training Options

Other Training Options

If you can not do a live training in person, try one of our online webinars or book a private training.
Hourly Support

Book a 2-hour training session.



Dan’s videos are so in-depth and even for the noobs like myself, I was able to learn the basics of Sketchup and now able to sketch basic projects. I highly recommend his tutorials when starting out.

I love the SketchUp Trainer course. Besides going through them in full, I love diving back in when I’m in need of a refresher on something I don’t use all the time. Well split between pc and Mac although I prefer PC 😀

I took Dan’s course in 2019. It was a great course. Dan explains the material properly and also is patient with those who do not pick up the material quickly. I was having a hard time with some of the concepts and by the end pretty much all my questions were answered and I felt ready to use the program.

I took Dan’s Sketchup workshop in person in January 2020. He is an excellent teacher and able to explain things really well. I learned so much during that 2-day course and immediately was able to use Sketchup for my design work. I’ve continued learning with his online tutorials to refresh my memory about parts of the program I wanted to become more efficient in. He breaks it down into easy-to-grasp sections. I highly recommend his courses!

I had a great SU learning experience with Dan. He is mastering SketchUp and layout hands on! And as a designer and architect this is not that easy to find. I need more! Thanks for all your help. And congrats for your new little guy.

I attended a SketchUp training course in 2019. Dan is a great teacher. Very interesting to listen to and full of tips and tricks for skill building in the software. The class was able to appeal to all skill levels present.

When I began learning architecture and design I did what most people are told to do, I learned AutoCAD Architecture, a powerful but often overwhelming software. For a number of years I continued to use it but always thought it to be cumbersome and a steep learning curve. Over the years many friends and colleagues switched over to SketchUp and would tell me how much quicker and intuitive it was to use. I finally put my fears away and dove in. What made it easy and fun was when, after a recommendation, I signed up for SketchUp Trainer. It is really, really fantastic! Daniel Brown does such a great job of taking you through the learning process in a way that is simple to understand and almost feels like a having personal instructor. I also really enjoy his calm demeanor on the instruction videos. I can’t recommend his courses enough! I have gotten busy lately and had to take a break but am really excited to jump back in for more. SketchUp Trainer is absolutely worth every penny!
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