SketchUp for Intermediate: Model Context and Real-World Integration

Building upon the basics, this course focuses on modeling with real-world context by importing images, plans and pdf’s.



What’s Included:
  • (5) 2-hour group classes
  • 1 year access to all online tutorial courses. ($95 value)
  • Video recordings of sessions. (for missed class only)
  • Direct feedback during sessions
  • Calendar invite with meeting id provided.



Week 1: Importing from a Sketch or Doodle Drawing

  • Introduction to Importing Hand-drawn Sketches
  • Tracing and Creating 3D Models from Sketches
  • Refining Imported Sketches for Modeling

Week 2: Importing from an Image Floor Plan or PDF

  • Importing 2D Floor Plans and Images
  • Scaling and Aligning Images for Accurate Modeling
  • Creating 3D Models Based on Floor Plans

Week 3: Modeling from Photographs using Matched Photo

  • Utilizing the Matched Photo Feature
  • Modeling Realistic Scenes from Photographs
  • Blending 3D Models with Photographs

Week 4: Importing from CAD and Revit Files

  • Importing and Managing CAD Files
  • Exploring Revit File Import Options
  • Adapting Models from CAD and Revit to SketchUp

Week 5: Advanced Integration Techniques and Final Project

  • Show and Tell Homework Review
  • Support for Users’ Own Projects
  • Workshop and Application
  • Show and Tell Presentation

Other Details

Other Details

Designers should have:
  • a Mac or PC with SketchUp Pro 2023 installed (30-day trial available)
  • a 3-button Scroll wheel mouse (preferred)
  • Watch the Getting Started course tutorials (free)
Webinar Tips:
  • Download the Zoom app.
  • Use headphones. The audio quality is much better for everyone else.
  • Use a second screen/display. You can sign in multiples times. Many users have success streaming my screen onto a tablet or second monitor to keep your primary display available to model in SketchUp. This prevents having to switch back and forth from the screenshare.
  • Stuck? You can share your screen and I can also request mouse control to assist.
  • Recording Afterwards. Should you need to leave the session early, I will provide a screen recording link to the session.
Class size:

Classes are kept small to maximize the value and quality of our time together online.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations made at least 48 hours in advance of the class will be honored with a full refund. Students who cancel less than 48 hours prior to the start time of the class will receive a credit towards a future class.



What do I need to have for class?

Students should SketchUp installed. Also a 3-button scroll wheel mouse is highly recommended.

Does this course require any prior experience or knowledge?

No prior SketchUp exercise is required. Students must be comfortable using a computer.
Getting Started videos will be provided to watch prior to the start of class.

What software will I need?

The class will be taught using both Mac or PC versions of SketchUp Pro 2023. Users may choose to install a 30-day trial of SketchUp Pro. Previously versions are ok as well.

Will we take a break?

Of course! Five-minute breaks are usually offered every 60-90 minutes.

Other Training Options

Other Training Options

If you can not do a live training in person, try one of our online webinars or book a private training.
Hourly Support

Book a 2-hour training session.



Dan’s videos are so in-depth and even for the noobs like myself, I was able to learn the basics of Sketchup and now able to sketch basic projects. I highly recommend his tutorials when starting out.

I love the SketchUp Trainer course. Besides going through them in full, I love diving back in when I’m in need of a refresher on something I don’t use all the time. Well split between pc and Mac although I prefer PC 😀

I took Dan’s course in 2019. It was a great course. Dan explains the material properly and also is patient with those who do not pick up the material quickly. I was having a hard time with some of the concepts and by the end pretty much all my questions were answered and I felt ready to use the program.

I took Dan’s Sketchup workshop in person in January 2020. He is an excellent teacher and able to explain things really well. I learned so much during that 2-day course and immediately was able to use Sketchup for my design work. I’ve continued learning with his online tutorials to refresh my memory about parts of the program I wanted to become more efficient in. He breaks it down into easy-to-grasp sections. I highly recommend his courses!

I had a great SU learning experience with Dan. He is mastering SketchUp and layout hands on! And as a designer and architect this is not that easy to find. I need more! Thanks for all your help. And congrats for your new little guy.

I attended a SketchUp training course in 2019. Dan is a great teacher. Very interesting to listen to and full of tips and tricks for skill building in the software. The class was able to appeal to all skill levels present.

When I began learning architecture and design I did what most people are told to do, I learned AutoCAD Architecture, a powerful but often overwhelming software. For a number of years I continued to use it but always thought it to be cumbersome and a steep learning curve. Over the years many friends and colleagues switched over to SketchUp and would tell me how much quicker and intuitive it was to use. I finally put my fears away and dove in. What made it easy and fun was when, after a recommendation, I signed up for SketchUp Trainer. It is really, really fantastic! Daniel Brown does such a great job of taking you through the learning process in a way that is simple to understand and almost feels like a having personal instructor. I also really enjoy his calm demeanor on the instruction videos. I can’t recommend his courses enough! I have gotten busy lately and had to take a break but am really excited to jump back in for more. SketchUp Trainer is absolutely worth every penny!
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SketchUp for Intermediate: Model Context and Real-World Integration