5 weeks of SketchUp training to advanced your working knowledge of advanced features and workflows in SketchUp.

Advanced SketchUp Workflows: 5 Week Webinar Series

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  • Week 1

    Learn how to model from an image or pdf. This process allows you to create a 3d model quickly and accurately without the need of a CAD file.

  • Week 2

    Learn how to model from satellite imagery using Geolocation. Also, learn how to model from a photograph of an exterior building to model it in context.

  • Week 3

    Learn how to model from a CAD file to create a detailed and accurate 3D model from referenced plans and elevations.

  • Week 4

    Extensions! Learn how to automate and maximize workflow efficiencies in SketchUp by using free and purchasable extensions.

  • Week 5

    Wrapup the series by covering any remaining questions or workflow techniques attendees still have questions on.

What’s included in the webinar?
  • (5) 2-hour live webinar sessions
  • Access to all online tutorial courses for 1 year. ($95 value)
  • Direct feedback during sessions
  • Calendar invite with meeting id provided
Designers should have:
  • a Mac or PC with SketchUp Pro 2021 installed (30-day trial available)
  • a Scroll wheel mouse (preferred)
  • Watched the Getting Started course
Class size:

Classes are kept small to maximize the value and quality of our time together online.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations made at least 48 hours in advance of the class will be honored with a full refund. Students who cancel less than 48 hours prior to the start time of the class will receive a credit towards a future class.

Webinar Tips:
  • Download the Zoom app.
  • Use headphones. The audio quality is much better for everyone else.
  • Use a second screen/display. You can sign into mulitple times. Many users have success streaming my screen onto a tablet or second monitor to keep your primary display available to model in SketchUp. This prevents having to switch back and forth from the screenshare.
  • Stuck? You can share your screen and I can also request mouse control to assist.
  • Recording Afterwards. Should you need to leave the session early, I will provide a screen recording link to the session.