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Session 1 (Getting Started) September 2, 2-5pm ET
Session 2 (Presentation Tips and LayOut) September 9, 2-5pm ET
Session 3 (From Context) September 16, 2-5pm ET
Session 4 (Extensions and Photorealism) September 23, 2-5pm ET

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This webinar series is a live online training. I will share my screen while attendees following along side/side.

Webinar Tips:

  • Download the Zoom app.
  • Use headphones. The audio quality is much better for everyone else.
  • Use a second screen/display. You can sign into mulitple times. Many users have success streaming my screen onto a tablet or second monitor to keep your primary display available to model in SketchUp. This prevents having to switch back and forth from the screenshare.
  • Stuck? You can share your screen and I can also request mouse control to assist.
  • Recording Afterwards. Should you need to leave the session early, I will provide a screen recording link to the session.


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Session 1 starts with the basics and builds up to Session 4 where you’ll learn how to create presentations and photorealistic renderings. The webinar setting allows you to follow along with the presentation on screen. A recorded stream of the session will be available in the event you need to go back and freshen up on a technique for one month. Working files are also included. Individual sessions are available as well.

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Session 1: Learn the Basics (Beginner)

This beginner class shows you the basics and creates a strong foundation to build upon. Learn the essentials of navigating SketchUp and the terminology of the program.

      • Introduction: Welcome Screen, Templates, Toolbars
      • Drawing in 2D: Line, Rectangle, Circle, Polygon, Arc, Freehand
      • Lines & Inferencing
      • Massing a Model: Learn how to inferencing works in 3D as well as use the Follow-me tool to create complex roof pitches.
      • Measuring & Precision: Learn the essentials of drawing in your default units, using the Offset and Push/pull tools.
      • Guide me: Learn how to use guides to create window and door openings quickly.
      • Groups and Section: Learn why we create groups in the model and how to select objects and geometry.
      • Move, Rotate, Copy: Simple exercises that showcase these powerful tools.

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Session 2 (Intermediate)

This session expands on the skills from Session 1 and shows you how to apply them in techniques and exercises. Working files are included that help show how you can use the program in creating drawings and presentations.

      • Styles & Scenes: Learn how to create views and use styles within your model.
      • Navigating around: Learn the ins and outs of orbit, perspectives, pan, etc.
      • Creating Groups & Components: Learn when to create components instead of groups.
      • Modeling Workflow: Learn how to approach modeling more complex spaces.
      • Section Cuts and 2D Views: Learn how to make orthographic views and section cuts and export them.
      • A Taste of LayOut: Learn the basics of creating a presentation with SketchUp’s paper-space program: LayOut. (This is a feature with SketchUp Pro)


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Session 3 (2D-3D Workflow)

This lesson provides the ideal workflow for using SketchUp when importing existing 2D line drawings. Import a 2D CAD file and learn tips and tricks for organizing line-work, creating reference groups, aligning elevations, and constructing 3D models quickly. Also, we’ll show you how to save time with some clever plugins for this workflow. Prior CAD skills is not required for this session.

      • Prep in 2D: Save time in SketchUp by only importing what you need.
      • Importing .dwg Files: Learn what imports, how its placed and how to make this work to your benefit.
      • Layers in SketchUp: Understand how SketchUp controls visibility and geometry.
      • Organizing the 2D Model: Learn who to group line work, create layers, and align / rotate 2D elevations in a typical workflow.
      • Exterior Modeling: Learn the essential tools and workflow for creating shell/exterior models.
      • Interior Modeling: Learn techniques for creating openings, adding walls, and placing components. Learn advanced camera tools to better see inside the model.
      • Plugins: Learn how to install plugins and use them to save time in creating typically architectural elements like windows, staircases, louvers, and doorways.
      • Exporting: Learn how to export views as images, cad files, and how to send to LayOut to create a presentation.


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Session 4 (Extensions)

This lesson gives you the tricks and techniques to use extensions inside of SketchUp. Learn how to quickly make design edits using some powerful free extensions. Resources will be available to paid-for extensions that will be demoed and introduced. We’ll finish with Photorealism and a Q/A.

      • Extensions
      • Photorealism
      • Q/A



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